What results can be obtained from a tummy tuck operation ?

Here are some of the best tummy tuck pictures you will see. It shows an excellent before and after process of someone who has undergone tummy tuck surgery

before and after tummy tuck

Recovery from tummy tuck surgery is probably the most hardest part and may take a very long time before results are fully noticeable. As the tummy tuck pictures demonstrate above, it is most definatly worth it for the results it gives.

Recovery time can vary from one week to four weeks and patients are often advised to take a large portion of this recovery time off from work in order to fully heal successfully.

Heavy physical activity must be avoided during the recovery phase and there may be a variety of bruising and physical discomfort initially

A supportive abdominal binder can help minimize bruising, swelling and help support the repaired tissues. This will need to be worn throughout the entire recovery phase to ensure that everything stays in place to properly heal into the new, sculpted you.Patients are advised to not smoke during the recovery phase.

Avoiding all forms of nicotine will help speed up the healing process and recovery time. Smoking just hampers your ability to fully heal quickly as you normally would. The full recovery could take 3-6 months, with scars fading even further after this period